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Looking for feedback: how would you feel if I started writing about shit you don't care about?

You may have noticed lately that posts have slowed to a trickle. That's for a few reasons - first, I've been working on a big bookbinding project for the first time in a couple years, so most of my non-work productivity has been going to that. Second, I've been trying harder than normal to fight off the creeping depression and despair that has plagued me at various times in my life. Trying and succeeding, I should say, but it takes a lot of mental effort. Third, and probably most importantly, I haven't had a burning desire to write about points and miles topics lately. When something catches my interest, I usually live up to the name of the blog and vomit a couple thousand words about it, but I don't like to post about stuff just to keep to a regular schedule. (It's ironic, I read a post on TravelBloggerBuzz recently about how all the people writing about the new Lufthansa livery were scraping the barrel in terms of content just so they could have some slurry in which to mix credit card pitches. I know he wasn't specifically referencing my blog, but I do think it's funny that one of the only posts I wrote in the last month was all about Lufthansa... only to find out that (at least to one person) it's the most boring thing I could have written about!)

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I like to write about what interests me (and I LOVE airline design). Of course, this is still pretty much a points and miles blog, rather than a personal blog, but I'm wondering how the handful of readers who come here regularly would feel if I started branching out with off-topic posts (that were flagged as such in the title so you didn't waste a click). Possible topics include:

  • Whisky reviews
  • Music (and music equipment) rants and raves
  • Day job musings (small business operations, sales, and marketing)
  • Really dry stuff about design and typography
  • Book collecting, and more aviation/travel-themed book reviews

Let me know in the comments. I pretty much feel like I should just write about whatever I feel like as long as I'm not clickbaiting you into something you don't care about. However, I'm curious if you like your points and miles blogs to be fairly narrow in scope, or if you enjoy hearing random internet people's perspectives on things you may not be specifically trying to read about.

I swear I'll get back to miles/points programming sooner or later. I even have a couple posts loaded in my mind right now, but I just haven't had the motivation to write them yet.

Thanks for reading/commenting!

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