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Quick Hit: Amex is offering referral bonuses for the Hilton Aspire now.

Just yesterday I was poking around my Amex account looking for a referral bonus on the Hilton Aspire. I figured I had just missed it, since all my other Amex co-brand cards showed referral bonuses immediately. For whatever reason, it took a few weeks to show up, but Amex now has a pretty decent offer: amexreferral

Come to think of it, my first statement just closed today, so maybe they wanted to wait one billing cycle before letting me rake in points from referrals. Little do they know I barely have any friends, and the few friends I do have aren't the kind of people who are an easy sell on a $450 credit card, no matter the benefits. (The friend who got me into churning just crammed herself and her 6'3" husband into Norwegian economy seats to fly from Oakland to Rome for like fifty bucks, so I don't have high hopes.)

Anyway, if you want to throw me a bone, you can use my link to apply for the card. I'm not going to hype this up more than it already has been - if you were thinking of getting the card anyway, I could use the extra points, but I'm not going to do a whole spiel of why it's such a good deal. It's a lot of money for a credit card, and it's not for everyone, but I'm happy with it so far.


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