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No your eyes aren't deceiving you... the background color actually did change.

I said I wasn't kidding about changing the background color if someone gave me a $25 donation, and much to my shock/disbelief/eternal gratitude, some kind soul has done just that. He didn't request a specific color, but I felt like not changing it would be a betrayal of my promise. Because dark green is my favorite color, I decided to stick to the basic script while making it a little darker/richer. I think I actually like this one better, but let me know if it hurts your eyes or whatever. The funny thing is that I forgot to write down the hex code of the original color, so even if I do change it back after a month, it probably won't ever be exactly the same. Like the ream of college poetry I fed to the shredder a few months ago, it's lost to history. And of course, THANKS from the bottom of my heart for the donation, mystery patron who I don't know if you want me to use your name or not. I'm preparing some extra special curse words for my next post, dropping sometime this weekend.

(By the way, if you saw a "you're/your" error in the title at any point, your eyes WERE deceiving you. I'd never do something so uncouth.)

You're a piece of shit if your abuse of the emotional support animal loophole led to Delta making it harder for people who actually need service animals.

The Amex Hilton Aspire card has a lot of great bennies, but the $100 Waldorf/Conrad credit ain't one of 'em.