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American Express's airline selection system is broken, and I'm starting to get annoyed.

One of the pleasures of a new Amex card is setting up all the benefits that must be added manually. For any card that earns airline incidental fee credits, that means manually selecting an airline. I've always picked United in the past, since Gift Registry contributions are usually reimbursed... although with United's Gift Registry page unavailable for the past couple months, I'm considering switching to American and trying my hand with e-gift cards. However, any time I have tried to select American with my new card in the past few weeks, I have received this error message:


Anyone else dealing with this? The end of the year is rapidly approaching, so I'm hopeful that Amex fixes it soon. I can always try calling, but I'm lazy. That's why I'm writing this whole blog post rather than taking the same amount of time to call Amex and resolve it.

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