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Quick Hit - 1000-point Amex offer for $20 purchase

I don't usually post about Amex offers, since other blogs usually send out the bat signal as soon as any good offers become available. However, I found this offer on one of my cards today, and a quick search didn't show any other blogs covering it yet. shopsmall

This was on a card I don't check very often, so maybe this is old news? The expiration date is pretty soon, which suggests it may have been around for a while. In any case, check your Amex cards for this one... $20 at any small business should be pretty easy, and 1000 points is a fantastic bonus for such a small spending commitment.

Quick hit: Check the expiration date on your Amex offer for Amazon Prime renewal

Putting the flat-bed seat before the horse... AKA how bad is it when aspirational travel corrupts your travel aspirations?