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Interesting Amex offer - buy 20,000 points for a penny each

I came across a new Amex offer today for a company called Intermedia, and it's very interesting: 20,000 bonus points for $200+ in spending. That basically means you could buy 20,000 points for a penny each, and I consider that a good deal. If you have a Business Platinum card, you're already going to come out ahead after the 50% (or 35%) rebate on points redeemed for first class airfare, and it's pretty cheap for transferrable points as well. intermedia2 copy

I'm not sure if I'll take advantage of it right now - I'm not super flush with cash at the moment, and Amex points are fairly easy to earn without having to buy them. Also, Intermedia is a cloud email provider, so you can't just buy $200 worth of trinkets and be done with it - you have to go to the trouble of setting up a bunch of email accounts. If you do 24 accounts on the basic monthly plan, you'll pay just over $200 per month - enough to trigger the bonus. Since I haven't been through the process, however, I can't report back on how easy it is to cancel, how much work it takes to set up, or anything else.

Anyone else get this offer or have experience with Intermedia? Am I crazy for going to all this trouble in order to buy points that are fairly easy to earn in the first place?

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