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I didn't let being bald and having a beard stop me from taking advantage of Amex's Dollar Shave Club offer.

Aside from a person with severe alopecia, I'm probably the last guy who would want a membership to dollar shave club. Despite having a naturally shiny top cap, I'm not one of those bald guys who wants the rest of my head to match the dome. I usually have a nice healthy horseshoe going on the sides and back, and I don't care if it makes me look ten years older and 20,000 leagues lamer. As for shaving, I hate it and have always hated it, so I let my scruff grow out until it's time to trim everything back with an electric clipper. I don't think I have owned a razor in 15 years. However, Amex does have a good offer going for 1000 points after spending $10 or more at Dollar Shave Club. Since that's basically $.01 per point, I figured it was worth checking out the site to see if there was anything I might want. (Yes, I realize that's exactly the point of the offer - to make me spend money somewhere I otherwise wouldn't. But when points get that cheap, I look at it as "$.01 per point and free __________.")


Turns out there are some decent items on there for fairly cheap, so I decided to snag a 2-pack of lip balm which, with shipping, came to exactly $10. There's the additional upside that this could potentially be the world's best lip balm, which I'm always on the hunt for. The best stuff I've ever used in my life - no joke - is the little tube that came in my SAS amenity kit, and I've just about exhausted every last useable smidgen of it. Unfortunately, you can't buy it at retail, so I either need to find a comparable lip balm or spend the rest of my life flying SAS business class ever few months. "REN Skincare Biomimetic Lip Balm: Only $3995 per tube, but each tube comes with a free business class flight." Actually, that's not a bad marketing campaign.

So anyway, even though I hate shaving and generally look like a wooly mammoth, I found something useful to buy to get my 1000 points. If you have this Amex offer in your account, I recommend checking it out, since you might also find something you like. Oh, and if you have a great lip balm recommendation for me, please let me know in the comments.


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