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United promotion for San Francisco peeps - up to 16x miles per dollar on fares. Oh sorry, I meant "AMAZING NEW UNITED PROMOTION, CLICK HERE FOR ONE WERID TRICK TO RACK UP MILES!!!"

Not much to say about this... plus I want to post it before someone scoops me! I logged into my United account today and saw a targeted offer that seems to be focused on people based in/around San Francisco. In fact, the promotion is called "The new spirit of United arrives in San Francisco." Jeez, they're really pumping this "new spirit of United" thing... which is fine, I suppose, especially since the addition of Basic Economy makes them more like Spirit Airlines. Probably an unintended coincidence, but we'll know for sure if the next marketing campaign is targeted at people based in Austin and is called, "The new Spirit of United opens up a new Frontier for flyers in the Southwest."

Anyway, here's the details on the promotion. It's not a world-beater, but these are pretty common destinations, so if you have travel coming up, this could be a good option to earn between 10 and 16 Mileage Plus miles per qualifying fare dollar. Registration is required, and travel must be completed by 4/30/17.


Anyone else targeted for this? I've been a Mileage Plus member for a while and don't remember a promotion this good in the last couple years, although it could be that some came and went without me ever seeing them. It's interesting that I had to log in to my account to find this, rather than getting an email about it. Either way, I have some travel to Seattle coming up, so I may end up getting in on it.

I selfishly love Amex's new lounge access policy #nokids #blessed

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