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What trips am I taking with my bonus points from Amex's SHOP SMALL promotion?

I don't know, I think I might have enough for an uber ride to the Whole Foods that's a block away from my office. I might be cutting it close, so I may take uber-pool instead. Like many of you, I was really excited about the shop small promotion, thinking I'd rack up tons of extra points. Now that it has been live for a month, I decided to check back and see how I'm doing. The results are underwhelming, to say the least: 384 measly points so far. I haven't been going out of my way to check if places are on Amex's list of approved small businesses, but I guess it's more limiting than I thought.

I can't fault Amex, though - I've earned so many points with them in the last two years, I'm just grateful not to be blacklisted (I don't manufacture spend or anything, this is just from signing up for new cards). Just today I earned 5000 points + 2500 Delta miles for adding an authorized user to two of my accounts. And I'm already licking my chops about the Blue for Business limited time bonus of 2x points on all spending for a year. But just concerning shop small, the promotion really is "small" indeed.

Is anyone out there killing it with this promo? If the tattoo shop where Justine just got an upper arm sleeve qualified, I'd be doing a lot better...

How Kaiser Permanente's unlawful harassment got me 1500 bonus Amex points...

WYDWJTADBDDBHWVI? (That's short for "Would you do what Jordan thought about doing but didn't do because his wife vetoed it?)