Of course my interest in points and miles is all in the service unlocking amazing luxury travel experiences that I could never otherwise afford... but I have to admit that the intrinsic enjoyment of earning points through a well-executed credit card strategy is a genuine interest area as well. To put it more bluntly, I'm obsessed with credit cards. And while this blog is mostly a collection of personal rants, I do occasionally post stuff that may be useful to other credit card churners. Here's a list of those links, all collected in one place for easy reference.

American Express

-- How I got a Morgan Stanley Platinum card through my Access Investing account. (This one is split into three separate posts.)

-- How useful is the Charles Schwab Platinum's option to convert points to cash at 1.25 cents each? Pretty useful it turns out.

-- Sorry, the Hilton Aspire's $100 on-property credit at Conrad and Waldorf Astoria isn't very good.

-- The Delta Blue card isn't very good either.

-- Parsing the different flavors of the Membership Rewards program.

-- My epic saga of getting set up with Amex's foreign wire service.

Bank of America

-- It sure is getting harder to get approved for Bank of America cards.

-- But I still managed to get a new Alaska card.


-- Want a free authorized user card for your Sapphire Reserve? There's a workaround for that.

-- Is the Sapphire Reserve's travel credit really as good as cash?

-- Chase (via Hyatt) does offer some niche airline transfer options that people often forget about.


-- Citi keeps trying to get me to upgrade my Preferred card to a Premier. Here are a couple posts about that.


-- I didn't end up getting the Altitude Reserve card -- here's why.

-- Applying for a Korean Air Visa card.

-- Some changes to the Korean Air Visa, circa August 2018.

Other Banks

-- Back when the Cathay Pacific Visa had an elevated bonus, I wrote about why I wasn't going to get one.

-- I got rid of my City National Bank Crystal card, but not before some hand-wringing.