Who am I and why am I writing this blog? I’m Jordan, and my day job is working for a design company that makes travel accessories. I live in the SF Bay Area now, and I've bounced around California for my entire adult life. I’m more or less obsessed with the game of earning points that can be used for travel (miles), and I talk a lot (windbag). This blog is a combination of my interest in points and my interest in talking (AKA "Windbag miles").

A little more about me and what I intend to do here: I’m not a frequent international traveler, first of all. Most of the points/miles blogs I read are written by people that travel professionally, whereas the demands of my job keep me on the ground most of the time (ironic, since I work in the travel goods industry). As a result, this blog isn’t about reviewing all of the latest and greatest premium travel products, which is handled much better by other blogs. Nor do I intend this to be a primer on the world of travel hacking, since, again, other blogs focus on that in detail and with greater expertise than I can.

Instead, I think of this blog more as entertainment for people who are interested in points and miles already. You probably aren't going to learn anything you don't already know, but maybe you like reading my rants about overhyped credit cards or how soup is disgusting and should be banned from all airport lounges. And who knows, maybe you'll uncover a nugget of wisdom here or there, but I certainly won't guarantee it.

One thing to keep in mind: I talk about my points earning strategies from time to time, which includes the credit cards I like to use. Although I’d love to get a bunch of money every time you click a link to a credit card, the banks aren’t exactly lining up to offer anything to me, so you can feel confident that nothing I say has any profit motivation behind it.